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The Lifted Cleansing Bar is part of our Relief Line. It is full of essential ingredients for aches and pains that ease soreness in the body. Made with Aloe Vera Soap Base, CBD and Hemp Seed, Camphor, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint Oils, Peppermint Extract and Peppermint leaves.

Lifted Cleansing Bar

  • Hemp Seed Oil contains Gamma Linoleic Acid, known to calm inflammation & skin irritation, such as acne & psoriasis, contains Omega 6 & 3, helping promote healthy skin & hormone balance. CBD oil is used as a healing agent for various health conditions, aids in sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, benefits heart health, has neuroprotective properties helping to alleviate some cancer related symptoms, and provides relief from muscle spasticity & joint pain.

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