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Includes: (1) Lifted Cleansing Bar, 1 jar of Relief Muscle and Joint Rub, (1) 2oz bottle of CBD and Hemp Oil, and a Tube of Relief Bath Salt.

RELIEF Bundle Pack

  • Hemp Seed contains Gamma- Linolenic Acid, known to calm inflammation & skin irritation, including acne & psoriasis, contains Omega 6 & 3, promote healthy skin & hormone balance. CBD oil is used as a healing agent for various health conditions, aids in sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, benefits heart health, has neuroprotective properties, helps alleviate some cancer related symptoms, provides relief from muscle spasticity & joint pain.

  • This collection is good for all skin types. Will not clog the pores, will nourish and moisturize skin. The combination of the two will provide a soothing feeling and a relaxed comfort.

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